We’re happy to help you get a few more years out of your existing boat canvas. Depending on the condition of your canvas and how it was made, it’s likely we can repair it.



Vinyl Window Replacement: Can’t see through those old yellow windows? Are they ripped or damaged? Ask us if we can replace your old windows with one of our new, high-quality glass products.





New Stitching/ Fasteners: After years of withstanding rough weather, some threads will wear out. We can go over the stitching with high quality thread to help your canvas last. We can also replace broken or aging fasteners like snaps and common sense fasteners.



IMG_2948Zipper Replacement: We repair broken and seized zippers of various types, sizes and colors.





IMG_2950Patching Tears & Holes: We can patch rips and other damage to your canvas to prevent damage from getting worse, and lengthen the life of the canvas.



Not sure if we can fix it?
Just ask.

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