Custom marine canvas is a highly specialized trade, and each of our projects is unique. Here are some common questions you might have before purchasing new canvas for your boat:

Q. What kind of canvas/covers can you build?

A. Virtually anything you can dream up. We have more than 15 years of experience building custom bimini tops, full enclosures, aft enclosures, slant backs, drop curtains, camper backs, moorage covers, tonneau covers, window covers, window screens, sail covers, rail covers, hatch covers, seat covers, skiff covers, and much more. We have also worked on custom projects from recovering an Amish buggy to creating custom duck blinds for NuCanoeAsk us about your project.

Q. Do you build custom frames?

A. Yes. We build rigid, high quality stainless steel frames that stand the test of time. We can build a frame to suit virtually any size and style of boat, and we’re happy to work with you to build a frame that will fit your specific needs.

Q. Can you build canvas on the existing frame that’s already on my boat?

A. Yes, if the frame is stainless steel, is in good condition, and was installed properly. In our experience, aluminum frames just don’t hold up when it comes to our harsh Pacific Northwest weather, and new canvas never pulls tight or fits well on an aluminum frame. We pride ourselves on doing work that looks sharp, performs well, and lasts for many years, so we don’t build or work from aluminum frames.

Q. Can you use my old canvas as a pattern?

A. Nope. Trust us on this one. Canvaswork is precise, and using old canvas as a pattern just doesn’t produce good results. Old canvas may have stretched, sagged, or even shrunk, and attempting to reconstruct it using new materials is asking for trouble. You don’t want to put your new canvas on only to find that it doesn’t fit properly! Besides, the time it takes to tear apart your old canvas would be better spent patterning a new one that looks great and fits like a glove.

Q. Can you repair my old/ damaged canvas?

A. Most likely. See our “Repair” page.

Q. Do you sell standardized, pre-made boat covers?

A. No. All of our work is custom made to fit each client’s needs.

Q. What fabrics do you use?

A. We work with a wide variety of fabrics, but our most popular fabric for marine applications is the industry standard — Sunbrella®. Sunbrella’s solution dyed acrylic fabric is waterproof, exceptionally UV- and mildew-resistant, and color fast. Well cared for covers made from Sunbrella will last a decade or more. Sunbrella comes in a wide variety of colors and options. Stop by our showroom to take a look at our samples.

Q. What type of glass do you use for windows?

A. We’ll work with you to choose the best glass product for your application. Our favorite choice for most enclosures is .30 gauge or .40 gauge press-polished vinyl sheets, which are far superior in visibility and durability to roll glass products. Other products we use include scratch-resistant Regalite™ press polished sheets, and Makrolon® rigid polycarbonate.

Q. How do you get the measurements for my boat?

A. We generally come to your boat to make a pattern for your new canvas. For example, we frequently work in Bellingham’s Squalicum Harbor and the surrounding area. Depending on the season and your boat’s size we may have you bring your trailered boat into the shop to work on it here. We can fit most trailerable boats up to 26′ long inside the shop.

Q. How long will it take?

A. It depends on the size and scope of your canvas needs. Some projects take a few days, some take a week. We are a small, family-run shop, and our turnaround time depends on the season and lead time given. You can expect significantly shorter turnaround times in the wintertime. Schedule your project today.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Again, it depends on the project. We offer detailed estimates with material and labor costs broken down so you understand exactly where your money is going. Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you an idea of what your project will cost.

Q. Do you do automotive upholstery?

A. Nope. Auto upholstery is a specialized trade all its own. There are several shops in the Bellingham area that focus on auto.

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